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Learn more about the women winery principals from Winebow Imports below.

Click here to download a PDF version of their bios.


Janice McDonald

Western Australia, Australia

Janice is the Chief Winemaker at Burch Family Wines, the largest family owned winery in Western Australia with vineyard holdings and wineries in the Great Southern and Margaret River. They crush 4,000 tons of premium to super premium grapes for the brands of Howard Park, Marchand & Burch, and MadFish.


Catherine Scott

Catherine is one of a small number of Marlborough winemakers who was born in the region. She grew up on a farm, where her family had been for generations. With her eye for detail and keen palate, she plays a guiding role in the winemaking. Catherine also takes personal responsibility for The Cellar Door and the Twelve Trees Restaurant at the winery.

Marlborough, New Zealand

2019-06-19 11_11_12-Women in Wine Leader

Tuscany, Italy 

Elisabetta acquired her first winery in the Chianti Classico region in 1997 and a few years later, a long-standing property in Montalcino. In 2002, her growing appreciation of the Montalcino region led to the purchase and renovation of Altesino, which is now considered one of the top producers of Brunello in Tuscany. "My passion for wine drives everything: each year's vintage must be even more perfect than the one before."

Kristy Black - Arbikie_edited.jpg

Kirsty Black

Angus, Scotland

Kirsty Black, is both Manager and Distiller at Arbikie Highalnd Estate. She has a BSc in Plant Science and while working at Arbikie she went on to be awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy for her research on the potential of using more environmentally friendly legumes in intercropping systems and the production of alcohol. Her research formed the foundation for the climate positive Nadar range of spirits.


Valentina Argiolas

Sardinia, Italy 

Pioneers in innovative winemaking and the revival of native Sardinian grapes, Valentina and her family produce outstanding wines that reflect the unique landscape and ancient traditions of their island. She is is part of the third generation to run Argiolas, together with her cousin Antonio and sister Francesca. 

Marta Chicote - Borsao_10x7_edited.jpg

Marta Chicote

Sardinia, Italy 

Pioneers in innovative winemaking and the revival of native Sardinian grapes, Valentina and her family produce outstanding wines that reflect the unique landscape and ancient traditions of their island. She is is part of the third generation to run Argiolas, together with her cousin Antonio and sister Francesca. 


Pilar Martínez-Bujanda Irribarria  

Rioja, Spain 

Viña Bujanda is owned by the brother-and-sister team Carlos and Pilar Martínez-Bujanda Irribarria, whose family has been making wine since 1889. The estate was established in 2009 in the small village of Oyon near Logroño. Carlos and Pilar are the fifth generation to be involved in the family wine business. Their commitment to producing estate wines, reflective of their terroir, has ensured Familia Martínez-Bujanda’s continued success.


Maria Iris Bertarelli

Tuscany, Italy 

Maria Iris Bertarelli and her brother, Claudio Tipa, run the ColleMassari Wine Estates,
a family-owned collection of four iconic properties from Tuscany. They acquired Castello ColleMassari in 1998 and expanded their holdings over several years to include three additional properties—Grattamacco in Bolgheri, Poggio di Sotto in Montalcino, and Tenuta San Giorgio in Montalcino.


Laura Catena 

Mendoza, Argentina 

A fourth-generation vintner, physician, and author, Laura Catena is the managing director of Catena Zapata. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in biology and received her M.D. from Stanford University. In 1995, she founded the Catena Institute of Wine with the mission to elevate Argentine wine through vineyard study
and research. Laura continues to further her family’s mission with passion projects, including Domaine Nico, a collection of high-altitude Pinot Noir, and La Marchigiana, a natural wine range.

Andrea, Sandra and Alice Tavares - Quint

Alice, Sandra & Andrea Tavares 

Lisboa, Portugal  

With vineyards dating back to the 16th century, the Tavares da Silva family has embarked on a restoration program, replanting and regrafting vines with indigenous and international varieties. This effort has paid off, as Quinta de Chocapalha produces wines that boast traditional minerality and elegance, while remaining fresh and fruit forward. Andrea handles marketing and sales, Alice is the manager

of wine tourism, and Sandra is the chief winemaker at Chocapalha.

Castello di Neive - carolina stupino CDN.jpg

Carolina Stupino

Barbaresco, Italy

Carolina grew up between the hills of Piedmont and the city of Turin. She did
her university studies in London, where she worked as a journalist after graduating. Following her father Italo’s recent

passing, she now leads the family winery, together with Castello di Neive’s historical winemaker Claudio, and is determined to carry on his legacy.


Maria Iris Bertarelli

Tuscany, Italy 

Maria Iris Bertarelli and her brother, Claudio Tipa, run the ColleMassari Wine Estates,
a family-owned collection of four iconic properties from Tuscany. They acquired Castello ColleMassari in 1998 and expanded their holdings over several years to include three additional properties—Grattamacco in Bolgheri, Poggio di Sotto in Montalcino, and Tenuta San Giorgio in Montalcino.


Veronica Cousiño

Maipo Valley, Chile 

Founded in 1856, Cousiño-Macul is the only 19th century winery in Chile that remains in the hands of the original founding family. Veronica leads the seventh generation, who is dedicated in preserving Cousiño-Macul’s mission for the past 150 years — to produce world-class wines that are unmistakably Chilean and carry the distinctive character of the Maipo Valley.  


Adrianna Catena

Mendoza, Argentina 

A tribute to the era when European immigrants first settled in Argentina, the wines of El Enemigo embrace both new and old world-styles. El Enemigo is a joint project between Oxford-educated historian, Adrianna Catena, and winemaker, Alejandro Vigil, whose combined knowledge of the Mendoza region allows them to select ideal vineyard sites yielding quality grapes in their desired style.  


Magali and Delphine Combard

Magali and Delphine's father, Alain Combard, founded the winery in 1992 after discovering its unique terroir. Today, Magali and Delphine run the commercial side of the business, while their brother, Francois, is the head winemaker. By producing clean wines that give way to the vitality of the earth, the Combard family shows the uniqueness of Provence. 

Provence, France


Marie-Josèphe Gagnard

Marie-Josèphe Delagrange created Domaine Gagnard-Delagrange with her husband Jacques Gagnard in 1959. After Jacques passed in 2009, the domaine retained 7.4 acres of vineyards that Marie-Josèphe continues to run with the help of her grandson Marc-Antonin Blain. She tends to two small parcels herself: Chassagne Village and a small vineyard of Passetoutgrain called Les Farges. 

Burgundy, France


Heike Heinrich

Burgenland, Austria  

As a leading red wine producer, Heike and her husband Gernot are dedicated to producing the best expressions from the classic varieties of Austria, such as Zweigelt, St. Laurent, and Blaufränkisch. The Heinrichs practice biodynamic viticulture and have decreased their use of new wood in recent years to produce wines that are complex, yet delicate and true to the variety and terroir.

Prue Henschke HENSCHKE_8-3-18-565324-edi

Prue Henschke

Eden Valley, Australia

Viticulturist Prue and her husband, fifth-generation winemaker Stephen, are the current custodians of the Henschke winery and vineyards, steeped in 150 years of family winemaking history in Barossa’s Eden Valley. Prue’s philosophy is a holistic one – "to ensure our created environment sits in a healthy balance with our natural landscape. I would like to see the next generation inherit a fertile and sustainable land."


Caroline and Anne-Sophie Brochard

Domaine Hubert Brochard produces classically styled Sancerre blanc, rosé, and rouge from their family-owned winery in Chavignol. After starting her career in hospitality and hotel management, Caroline is now in charge of sales communication for the company. Anne-Sophie is an oenologist and has expanded her knowledge from her experiences as a winemaker in different vineyards of Burgundy, Bordeaux and New Zealand.

Loire Valley, France

Madelaine Grivot_Guided Tasting 9-11-17.

Mathilde Grivot

Burgundy, France

Domaine Jean Grivot is among the great names in Burgundian wine. Mathilde is the daughter of the estate owners Étienne and Marielle Grivot, and recently took over winemaking duties from her father. Today, the family’s vineyards are densely planted and farmed organically “sans certification,” while the aim in the cellar is for balance and clear expression of terroir.

Donzilia Copeto -Joao Portugal Ramos Win

Donzilia Copeto

Alentejo, Portugal

Donzilia successfully completed her post-graduate in oenology from Évora University following a degree in agricultural, food and engineering industries from Instituto Politécnico de Beja. In 1996 she started working for João Portugal Ramos Family Estates and in 1999 she became a winemaker for their property in Alentejo, as well as production, quality and food safety manager.

Maria L.JPG

Maria Luisa Manna

Alto Adige, Italy

Maria is the “heart” of the KRIS, which produces wines in the Alto Adige region of northern Italy, where German and Italian cultures and heritage meet. She started KRIS together with her husband, seventh-generation winemaker Franz Haas.  The bold, expressive style of their popular Pinot Grigio is a direct reflection of her personality and aesthetic.

Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle LAPOSTOLLE_

Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle

Apalta Valley, Chile

Alexandra envisioned Chile’s enormous potential to produce fine wines from its exceptional terroir in Apalta, where she founded Lapostolle in 1994 and Clos Apalta in 1997. Lapostolle has been a pioneer in the wine industry in Chile, and today the winery continues to elevate the region through the production of premium quality wines with a strong emphasis on eco‐minded sustainability.


Andrea León

Apalta Valley, Chile

Andrea is Lapostolle’s Winemaker and Technical Director. After receiving her enology degree from the University of Santiago, she worked in in numerous wine regions in Europe, New Zealand, and the United States. She then returned to Chile, joining the Lapostolle team in 2005 as the on-site winemaker for Clos Apalta, which is considered one of the country’s finest wines. She is now in charge of winemaking across the entire Lapostolle range, and resides near the winery in the heart of Chile’s Colchagua Valley.

Alicia Lini-Lini.jpg

Alicia Lini

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Alicia Lini is the fourth generation to lead Lini, and is closely involved in everything at the winery, from winemaking to marketing to exports. Her family has been making lambruscos since 1910 and they are dedicated to making Lambrusco with integrity – holding their wines for longer than the industry standard in order to fully allow the bubbles to incorporate into the wine. Lini’s wines are renowned for their signature freshness and classic dry character.

Anne Moreau LOUIS MOREAU_9-14-18.jpg

Anne Moreau

Since September 1994, Anne has been responsible for Domaine Louis Moreau’s public relations and has spearheaded the winery’s expansion into export markets such as Norway, Sweden, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, India, and Brazil. Today, she serves as the winery’s Sales and Communications Manager.

Burgundy, France


Julia Gazaniol

Julia's grandfather founded the winery, eventually passing down responsibilities to her father. Today Julia oversees many aspects of the business, including sales management and distribution in 30 countries.

Bordeaux, France


Ilse Bodenstein

Niederoesterreich, Austria 

When Ilse married Toni Bodenstein, the two ushered in a profound change, not only at the Prager winery that Isle inherited from her father, but throughout the Wachau. By focusing on specific sites within certain vineyards, the Bodensteins produce exceptional wines that are truly unique to their terroirs and coveted throughout the world.


Theresa Pichler

Theresa Pichler is the daughter of Rudi Pichler, one of the elite growers of the Wachau, producing wines of precision, power, and longevity. She chose to study International Wine Business and has a variety of responsibilities at the winery. From hosting tastings to vineyard management to assistant winemaker, Theresa has a role in almost every aspect of the estate, and hopes to take over from her father one day.

Wachau, Austria


Carla Prospero and Nadia Zenato

Veneto, Italy 

In the mid-1990s, Carla Prospero and her daughter Nadia Zenato acquired a large 18th century farm in the Sirmione area in Lugana called Sansonina, and set about to produce exceptional red wine in a zone known for whites. The name Sansonina belonged to a woman who owned the estate centuries ago, nicknamed “Little Samson” for her strong character.  


Valentina, Meri and Alessandra Tessari

Veneto, Italy 

Working on land that has been in their family since the 1800s, the Tessari sisters are dedicated to creating terroir-specific, quality Soave wines, using only the native Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave varieties. They represent Suavia’s new generation, with a focus on meticulous vineyard management that includes crop diversification, manual pruning, and the use of natural products and grass planting to preserve soil vitality. Valentina is the winemaker, while Alessandra and Meri look after the export and domestic markets. 

Sofia Canizares.jpg

Sofia Cañizares

Alicante, Spain

Sofia Cañizares is the fifth generation aspiring to continue the family’s legacy. Her passion for the vineyard, the culture and her roots have led her to embark on creating wine in the Alicante vineyards with her father and mentor.


Sabine Tiefenbrunner

Alto Adige, Italy

In the fifth generation, Sabine runs the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof wine estate today with her brother, Christof. They took over the winery in May 2012 with a commitment to continue in the centuries-old tradition of their wine-making culture.


Nathalie Tollot

Nathalie grew up on her family’s domaine and is now a fifth-generation vigneronne, running the estate with her two cousins. Tollot-Beaut has become one of the most prestigious in Burgundy, thanks in part to Nathalie. Today, she is responsible for managing the business side of the domaine, handling all hospitality, communication, and marketing efforts. 

Burgundy, France

2019-06-19 11_13_01-Women in Wine Leader

Rita Tua and Simena Bisti 

Toscana, Italy

One of the most celebrated wineries in Tuscany’s Maremma since their first vintage in 1992, Tua Rita has achieved cult-like status for its Redigaffi, the winery’s 100-point Merlot. Rita Tua and her husband Virgilio Bisti are the owners and their daughter Simena, who is one of the directors of the winery, is actively involved in its daily operations. 


Giulia Migliorati

Originally from the small town of Capestrano in Abruzzo, Giulia studied economics and international business in Rome. She initially worked in the fashion industry, eventually pivoting to wine. In 2012, she returned to her hometown, where she took a position as the export manager for Valle Reale, an organic and biodynamic winery nestled inside one of Italy’s most beautiful national parks. Together with owner Leonardo Pizzolo, she oversees the estate’s global distribution and sales. 

Abruzzo, Italy

Virginia Willcock VASSE FELIX_8-3-18-185

Virginia Willcock 

Western Australia, Australia

Virginia is the chief winemaker behind some of Australia’s most critically acclaimed wines, at Margaret River’s founding wine estate, Vasse Felix, and has been there since 2006. She has an insatiable curiosity for the role microbiology plays in grapes and vineyard in making more environmentally express wines and this has driven the revolutionary development in winemaking style at Vasse Felix. 

Helen Morrison.jpg

Helen Morrison

Marlborough, New Zealand

Helen Morrison’s passion for wine not only encouraged her to change her career path at Lincoln University in Christchurch, she also graduated as the top female student from her Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology program in 2005. Having joined Villa Maria’s Marlborough team in January 2014, Morrison is thrilled to be working for such an iconic and award-wining winemaking family focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility. 


Lissi Wieninger

Vienna, Austria

Located within Vienna’s city limits, Weingut Wieninger has championed the revival of the Wiener Gemischter Satz, or field blend. Since 2000, Lissi has helped managed the winery with her husband, Fritz Wieninger. She worked for many years as an interior designer before she channeled her creative energy to tasks at the winery. 

2019-06-19 13_55_36-Women in Wine Leader

Sandra Tavares da Silva Borges

Sandra, owner and winemaker of Wine & Soul, started her winemaking journey in 2001, with the goal of creating wines that showcase the traditional varieties of Portugal’s Douro Valley. She has since achieved international acclaim for her wines. Sandra is a highly talented oenologist, considered by many to define the New Douro generation. 

Douro, Portugal  

Louisa Rose YALUMBA_8-3-18-635332-edited

Louisa Rose

During her 25-year career at Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery, Louisa has become one of the world’s most respected winemakers – forging an identity for Australian Viognier, challenging perceptions of Barossa Shiraz, leading her viti- and vinicultural teams to ever greater heights, and giving up her nights, weekends, and spare moments for the betterment of Australian wine. In addition to being Chief Winemaker for Yalumba, she is also in charge of the winemaking at Pewsey Vale in Eden Valley and Jansz in Tasmania.

Barossa Valley, Australia

2019-06-19 11_18_02-Women in Wine Leader

Nadia Zenato

Veneto, Italy 

Founded in 1960 by Sergio and Carla Zenato, the Zenato winery was originally based on the production of quality wines from an indigenous variety, Trebbiano di Lugana. Over time, the winery has been passed to Sergio and Carla’s children, who have maintained and expanded upon this vision. Their daughter Nadia currently handles the marketing and promotional activities for the company.


Heather Fraser

After graduating with a degree in marine biology and chemistry, Heather moved to the Barossa, where she naturally grew curious about winemaking. She started working at Yalumba’s laboratory in 1999, and quickly moved into production. She has a passion for nature and sustainability and took the winemaking responsibility of the Yalumba Organics collection in 2011. In 2020, Heather became the driving force behind Yalumba’s sustainability program, The Next 5, leading a team of dedicated individuals to achieve their social, economic and environmental sustainability goals now and for the next five generations.

Barossa Valley, Australia

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