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WWLS 2019

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Keynote Conversation 
Alpana Singh, MS, Television Personality and Entrepreneur

Emily Wines, MS,VP of Wine and Beverage Experience, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants

Moderated by Sheri Sauter Morano, MW, Senior Partner, Wine Ring, Inc.


Guided Wine Tasting

Alicia Lini, Lini 910
Magali Combard, Figuière
Andrea Tavares da Silva, Quinta de Chocapalha
Virginia Willcock, Vasse Felix

Navigating Success Throughout Your Career

Ariel Arce, Owner, Air’s Champagne Parlor, Tokyo Record Bar, Niche Niche, Special Club
Julia Coney, Wine writer and Consultant
Leslie Sbrocco, Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Television Host
Moderated by Jessica Milli, Study Director, Institute for Women’s Policy Research


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